Friday, February 1, 2013

Post square 020113 ~ "It's Wise to Try to Talk to People..."

President Obama has nominated Chuck Hagel, a Republican, to fill the position of the US defense secretary.

You would think the other Republicans would be happy about this, but they're not. They grilled Mr. Hagel, in an eight-hour confirmation hearing yesterday, about many of his past policy decisions, which weren't exactly the same as the general views of the majority of the GOP.

Rumor has it that Chuck can be pretty funny. He wasn't funny yesterday. In fact, he was not his charismatic self at all. But this, nor any of the answers he gave, even though they weren't the answers the questioners wanted, seems to have hurt his chances at being the future boss of the Pentagon. 

The detail of the Washington Post cover photo that I chose was that of Chuck Hagel's shoulder. I thought of all the weight that is going to be on it when he is defense secretary. The dark areas are taken from the folds in the upper sleeve of his suit. I was thinking, when I drew it, that it would look like a landscape. But then I randomly chose the pink and the brown to color in that area, so that now it makes me think of some kind of weird Easter dessert.

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