Saturday, February 9, 2013

Post square 020913 ~ Big Snow

The photo on the cover of the Washington Post today is of a woman trying to make her way through blowing snow on a Boston street. She's holding an umbrella in front of her hunkering body like a shield. The snow is streaking across the image in hundreds of white, horizontal stripes.

This drawing, an abstraction of one square inch of the picture, includes the back of her jacket and the wall behind her.

This weekend the northeastern region of the U.S. is being bombarded with a blizzard of record proportion. I'm thinking : "There but for the grace of God..." Although, it would be kinda fun, I guess, to try the snow shoes Santa brought me two Christmases ago. It's like washing your car so it will rain, or taking your umbrella so that it doesn't. If I didn't have those snow shoes, I'm sure that storm would have made a detour to West Virginia...perish the thought.

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