Monday, February 9, 2015

2 paintings 2 9 15

I worked on these two paintings side-by-side. They each measure 14"X 20". I wanted to explore using more colors in layers, so that one could be seen under the other. Used the palette knife quite a bit, but also smeared with my hand or towel to avoid obvious brush stokes. I added bits of Yupo paper painted with ink. The main medium is acrylic, with charcoal and colored pencil on watercolor paper prepared with tinted gesso. So I started with a sort of ochre-colored base as a neutral tone.

When I do these paintings I tape the edges with drafting tape before I start. I use the tape over and over. Colors build up on the tape and the surface ends up getting quite beautiful. That's what gave me the idea to work with more colors in layers. I sorta pulled off what I was going for and now the tape is even more impressive!

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