Saturday, February 14, 2015

Triptych on canvas

I usually work on paper and working on canvas is quite different in terms of being able to manipulate the paint and the way the charcoal goes onto the bumpy surface, as opposed to the ease of drawing on smooth paper. Still, t'was fun.
Started with the idea of all the little animals in a row along the horizon. They were drawn on Bristol board, cut out and pasted onto the canvas.

It's primarily acrylic with charcoal and pieces of inked Yupo paper and Bristol board with colored pencil added. The three panels together measure 30"X 54".

This painting went through many incarnations! Colors changed. Details got put in and taken out and put back in... I think I'm happy with it and I have to be because it needs to be finished and ready to be the main painting in my booth at the American Craft Council show in Baltimore next week.

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