Monday, January 11, 2016

Drawing/Day 1.10.16

We went to Georgetown today to hear a panel discuss the state of the DC art market. As much as we love our little piece of heaven here in West Virginia, it is always inspiring to be in the city, particularly the beautiful downtown. It was a clear day and the light on the truly striking and varied architecture there was just, and I mean this in the old sense of the word, awesome.

In today's Post I found the picture below of some new, modern buildings in DC and I was drawn to the shapes. It seemed appropriate to make today's drawing an inspiration from these experiences of all the buildings I'd enjoyed seeing.

The drawing is 3.5" square, graphite. It might get colored in one day, but for now it is giving me ideas for a larger, looser painting. That means these small exercises are doing what I want them to do - that is, push me back to my real work.

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