Sunday, January 24, 2016

Drawing/Day 1.24.16 Painting in progress

Here is the painting I'm working on now, with a composition influenced by the Lyonel Feninger painting below. The most obvious copied elements are, I guess, the blue area at the top, the lighter area at the bottom, and the strong vertical in the center. To start this painting I added the strips of Pellon and some gauze to give it texture. It was originally a horizontal, and I had used the composition of a Milton Glaser drawing of a woman in a hat leaning on her elbow. Very little of that is still visible. 

The red areas, suggested by the Feninger, are mono-prints using acrylic on Pellon. I've only just started to add details that I feel make it my own - the areas of light blue over the dark. 

I'm also thinking of turning it 180 degrees. A good composition should work from all angles and I think this one does. In its original position the image is grounded and suggests some kind of landscape. Flipped over I think it becomes lighter and more full of movement. 

The next time I post this I'm pretty sure it will look quite different, but I thought you might like to see it at this stage. Now I will spend a bit of time staring at it and trying to see what it wants.

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