Monday, January 18, 2016

Drawing/Day (detail) 1.18.16

This is the same detail as yesterday with the changes I made to it today. The additional materials include Pellon painted with ink and black gesso, secured with matte medium.

"The peace of mind I found, largely alone, on that white-water mecca, convinced me that life was capable of exquisite pleasure and undefinable meaning deep in the face of failure. The experience itself is the reward". Dick Conant 

From an article in the Dec 14, 2015 New Yorker. Mr. Conant was an avid long-distance canoeist.

I put this quote here because I identify with it, as I paint and fail, and keep painting, trying to remember that the joy is in the process. In addition to this, I do seem to be able to keep the faith that I will eventually come up with something that works.

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