Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Drawing/Day (detail) 1.19.16

This is the top right hand corner, about 3.5" X 5", of a larger painting, 14" X 20", one of 3 I'm working on this week.

I usually have more than one painting in process at a time. When I get stuck on one, or it needs to "rest", I look for something to do on another. Sometimes what I do on one helps me see a solution to another. Or sometimes just stepping away from a painting for a while is needed, so that I can come back with fresh eyes.

I've discovered a technique that I think gives an interesting effect. I use Pellon, a sewing material, as a printing medium by painting a mark on it with acrylic and transferring the mark by applying the Pellon, paint-side-down, to the surface of my paper and burnishing the back. It makes a rough print that I like. I used it to get the black area on the little "hill".

Also in this small section is some gauze, and a sort of raffia material. I think that's what it is. My friend Fran gave it to me. I smoothed it out and attached it to the paper with matte medium. Made for some interesting texture.

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