Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 143 ~ Make something about the sense of taste.

The project was to make something in which the sense of taste is the essential component, but I didn't want to make something to eat. I thought of those textbook 'maps of the tongue' specifying different areas of taste buds that pick up various tastes exclusively. Turns out that may be a myth and that all taste buds pick up every taste, maybe some just a little bit more than others. When thinking about the human tongue I got the idea to map out the tongues of animals and what they taste. Of course, there would be no scientific data on that because how can an animal say "ew, that's bitter" or "yum, that's good" or "yuck, that tastes like..." well, you know. So this is my made-up map of animal tongue taste bud responses. It's a very quick and spontaneous pencil sketch that I then inked, scanned, and tinted in Picasa.

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Frances said...

Brilliant! You know your animals well.