Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 157 ~ Make something that will support your weight.

The projects during this week should be called Make Something As Fast As You Can. I grabbed a board that Judy said she wouldn't be using for anything, happened to find 4 perfect eyelets in my pile of hardware junk, drilled the holes in the board, screwed in the eyelets, ran down to the barn with my masterpiece, grabbed some baling twine from the recycle-ables bag and found a sideways tree that had been blown over and was held by four of its neighbors at a height that I didn't need a ladder to reach but was just far enough off the ground for me to sit on the swing and be able to raise my feet. Done! quicker than the time it took me to type in that sentence.

Did make me think, though, how much fun it would be to have a good swing, done right, in one of our taller trees. For the future...

(Thank-you to my photographer and wood donator)

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