Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 181 ~ Use bones as your inspiration.

A photograph this day
As I take it I am dressed in a wide-brimmed hat
a long-sleeved blouse
long pants
It is very hot

Nothing is moving
The groundhog is not munching clover in the paddock
Nor is the small rabbit, with her pink ears,
nibbling the grass at the edge of the path

The horses, the brown one and the red one, stand
in their dark stalls, noses to the fans

Large leaves of the mystery plant
hang like skin on old bones

The only natural sound is
the delirious repertoire
of the mocking bird
speaking for everyone

I return to the house and move into
air that has passed over cool, serpentine coils
and traveled through a maze of ductwork
so that I may send you this post
in comfort

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