Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 182 ~ Work with your hands.

The idea for this is from Antony Gormley's Body and Soul VI, an etching he did in 1990. He used oil on paper. I dipped my finger tips in ink and dabbed them on another paper a few times, otherwise they would be solid ovals, and I wanted my fingerprints to show. His do, and that is what I love about his work, the intricate intimacy. I wet the right half of the paper before I put on the prints from my right hand, because this is my half-way day. We are half-way into the year 2012, and I have completed half of my 365 projects. So I wanted the symmetrical hand prints to be representative of those two halves. The left one represents the 182 projects that exist and can be defined. The right hand, which is fuzzier, represents the projects to come. We don't know them yet.

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Nan said...

Nice concepts! Interesting!