Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 194 ~ Make something to be walked on.

To be honest, I just couldn't get a good idea for something to be walked on, so I went with making something by walking on it.

If you aren't into non-representational images, this isn't going to do much for you, but I happen to think it's really beautiful and I'll try to explain why. I find it very exciting to manipulate media (paint, usually) in ways that create intricate textures and layering through randomness and spontaneity. The 'happy accidents' are organic and natural and that's where I see the beauty.

An image like this asks the viewer to respond in a personal way. Nothing is obvious or forced. If you are at all inclined, it's a fun image to put into an app that allows you to rotate it and/or blow it up for more detail. I feel that if an image works at every orientation, it is a good design.

This is a 6X6 detail of a piece of 140lb watercolor paper, 22X30. I placed the paper on a homosote board on the bathroom floor smeared paint on a pallet (starting with ochre, then sepia, then black which is a throwback from some classical oil painting lesson when I was a kid), stepped in the paint (careful, if you happen to be trying this ~ have something to hold on to because it's slippery!) and walked on the paper. Now you know why I was painting in the bathroom ~ I was able to wash my feet in the tub without trailing footprints through the house.

I keep a collection of papers like this for my mixed media pieces.

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