Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 207 ~ Use paper as though it was fabric.

These 'paper quilts' are 5"X7". The making of them involved some fun experimentation with materials. Here are the steps I took ~

  • drew a 1" grid with pencil onto white 81/2X11 bond paper (I used bond paper because it's thin and   wouldn't challenge my sewing machine too much)
  • used a crayon to draw designs in the squares, then painted them with watercolor, the light color first, then filling in the darker squares with another color
  • on the brown one I scribbled on the surface with a charcoal pencil
  • the blue and purple one has an additional layer of translucent paper on top that I put through the copier, adding one of my haiku (breaking the 2nd line in half to fit into the space)
  • sewed the grid lines on sewing machine with gold thread, on the brown one leaving the ends of the threads long
  • the blue/purple one got trimmed to its edge and I glued on cut pieces of purple paper in a random pattern for a border
  • the brown one got edged much the same way a fabric quilt is, bringing the bottom, dark brown paper up in a folded hem (being careful not to trap any of the long, gold threads that had been left
  • threaded beads onto one of each pair of threads and tied it on using both threads in a square knot

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