Thursday, February 27, 2014

Shadow boxes 5 and 6 in the Inside and Outside series

 Shadow box #5 in the Inside and outside series. I've nicknamed it "Fowl Play" (har har). 10"X10"

The birds in the tree is a colored pencil drawing. I made the little quilt behind the tiny chicken eggs out of upholstery samples. The ducks are pieces of the same samples glued onto foam core and cut out. The nest is real, a gift found by a good friend. I carved the edges of the wood, again, to get rid of the manufactured look. The 3 squares on the left "wall" are pieces of a watercolor, cut into 1" squares.
This one, #6, is 12"X12". It was inspired by a scene I saw on a walk on a day that the snow was retreating from under a stand of trees. The drawing is done with pastel, charcoal and colored pencil. The 3 stones have been coated with polyurethane. No title. Yet.

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