Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 229 ~ Be inspired by a bicycle & Day 230 ~ Make a container.

In an effort to catch up with my projects and meet my goal of finishing all 365 by the end of this year, while doing my shows and filling holiday orders, my idea is to combine two of them at a time, at least for a while. (I hope that's acceptable, Noah! :) I think it could be even more fun, in some cases.

Here is the combination of Day 229 ~ using a bicycle for inspiration and Day 230 ~ making a container.

I found a bunch of different silhouettes of bikes and copied, cut up, rearranged and re-pasted (that's by hand, not in computer-speak, mainly because I don't know how). Then I did use the computer to scan the collaged image, using Picasa to invert colors and print the design in different hues.

I built the box from foam core and wrapped and pasted the paper to the outside. It's a little thing. Just 2"X5"X2.5". Now I need to make a little tiny bicycle to fit in it.

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