Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 236 ~ Carry something with you all day and document it in different locations.

I carried my left hand around with me all day and documented it fixing a fence, fetching the paper, with various blooming things, in front of wheels, rocks, trees and our mailbox, transporting my cereal to my mouth, with Judy's over her work table, holding tomatoes from the garden, scratching Mishi's back and buried in CJ's fur, greeting Doug's boxer Siggie, painting with ink, stroking Bela's mane, carrying a water bucket, doling out hay, submerged in the pond, and picking burrs from my sneakers which I got going down to the edge of the pond. I also slipped and fell in. Ha!

I'm not really left handed. My camera is made for a right-handed person. That left my left hand for my subject.


Frances said...

Excellent! I'm glad your left hand stayed with you for the duration of the project, it's a great collection of pictures.

Nan said...

love this collage!