Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 277 ~ Who would you be if you could be anybody? + Day 278 ~ Create something inspired by a piece of spam you've received.

This takes some explanation.

First, I apologize for poking fun at anyone who uses English as a second or third, our thirtieth language. I took French for 6 years in school and all I remember is how to say I love you, and that is with an atrociously bad American accent. So I am in awe of anyone who can get his/her brain around a language other than the one learned as a child.

These two projects were a challenge to combine. What I've done is to choose who I would want to be, and that is any of my grand nieces or nephews because they all have wonderful parents. And I've combined that with the kind of spam I get, which is weird requests for my 'product' from places in the world I've never heard of. So I am imagining myself as young Holden, my grand nephew (I've used his artwork to illustrate the message. This was done quite a while ago. He's now eleven years old! How did that happen?) And I'm in a different country somewhere sending this spam to a potential customer. Make sense? Probably not. It was a stretch.

Some of these projects mesh more easily than others. This was a tough one. Mainly because I thought a lot about who I would want to be if I could be anybody. When I was a child I wanted to be just about anybody but myself. Now I'm kind of used to who I am, so it's harder to think of changing. I did let myself fantasize about it. I had myself younger, but with the knowledge that I will have ideally accumulated when I'm 88. I would be living in a tropical climate with flawless black skin so that I could ride my horses along the beach without worrying about yet another trip to the dermatologist. And, of course, I'd be independently wealthy so that Judy could retire. And be recognized around the world for my stunning artistic accomplishments. And maybe be an expert fiddler, too...

When I came back to reality I thought maybe I would miss the change of seasons, my blue eyes, stuff like that...maybe not the struggling to pay my bills part, though.

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