Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 283 ~ Make something that makes a sound. + Day 284 ~ Make something that looks like it has been turned inside out.

This is a heart that has been turned inside out, and all the old, corroded thoughts and unnecessary worries and fears that have been harbored there for so long are spilling out.

It is made to hang, but this was an easier way to get a good photo. When it does hang, it makes a sweet little tinkling, clattery noise. And if it blows around too much, it ends up in a tangled and undecipherable mess, much like when we try to pour too much trouble out of our hearts to someone at once, perhaps.

The heart is made of canvas, sewn together and stuffed with newspaper. I had thought I would paint it, but I like the raw canvas with the color of the rusted stuff. Maybe I'll paint it some other time. The rusted stuff is from a collection of things I've picked up on my walks over the years. 

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