Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 303 ~ Use reptiles as inspiration. + Day 304 ~ Make chimes.

Chimes out of reptiles. Snakes, in fact. Little green snakes made out of Super Sculpey clay, baked in the oven and painted with acrylics. I got their twisty shape by wrapping them around a wooden dowel. They are suspended from a wooden block, which was spray-painted gold, with black sewing thread. The tongues are made with copper wire and red glass beads. So they don't have forked tongues. Artistic license! They don't chime either, by the way, they just quietly clatter, the disadvantage of polymer clay over ceramics.

So, I'm all caught up. I've completed the 304th project on this, the 304th day of the year. I rather enjoyed combining the days, actually. It was fun, sometimes more challenging, sometimes it gave me more to work with. So I'll kind of miss it. But I do intend to make the 60-some projects that are left, one at a time.

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